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Cleaning Tips For Residential Water Softeners

If your water softener system is not working efficiently or seems to be malfunctioning, then it could mean that the machine needs cleaning. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is broken nor needs repairs. Residential water softeners have a number of components that get dirty over time. Why Softening Systems Malfunction There are also other causes […]


How Replacing Your Aging Toronto Copper Pipes Can Save You Money

If you are like the majority of Toronto homeowners, then you probably do not give a second thought to your plumbing.  At least not until something goes terribly wrong.  Conscientious homeowners should realize that there are warning signs that indicate possible plumbing problems.  If your water tastes strange, does not have enough pressure or the […]


Tips For Avoiding Blocked Drains

Nobody enjoys the task of clearing out blocked drains. They are a hassle and a headache for homeowners and renters alike. They take precious time out of your day or money out of your wallet in order to properly repair them. The best way to deal with blocked drains is to prevent them from occurring […]


Things That May Be Found During a Plumbing Inspection

Reasons for having a plumbing mechanic come to your home for an inspection may vary. Whether you plan to sell your home and wish to have everything appraised, or you have noticed your water bills are higher than usual and you’ve done nothing different to warrant the spike, scheduling a full inspection of your home […]


7 Tips for Plumbing Maintenance

Regular checking of your plumbing utilities can save you from future domestic woes. Toronto plumbing maintenance is most important, as it affects the household every day. In this article, you will learn some simple preventive tips that aim to help you save both your money and time in the future. An issue with any single […]


Why You Need A House Water Softener

A house water softener can eliminate impurities and elements in water that make it hard. Water becomes hard when there is too much calcium and magnesium in it. The calcium and magnesium ions can cause water hardening which can lead to many household and plumbing problems. You water pipes can become clogged in the long […]


Why Your Toronto Home’s Water Pressure is Important

What makes the water come out of the sinks, bathtubs, or showers in your house? Simple: the water in your house’s plumbing is pressurized. If your house follows the standards set in the Uniform Plumbing Code, it will be pressurized to about 50-70 pounds per square inch (PSI). If you don’t know your home’s water […]


Toronto Why Your Toilet Isn’t That Great

In the old days, it was somewhat of a rarity to have to drag out the plunger and unclog the toilet. Today, it seems like every third day brings a toilet clog that calls for a little amateur plumbing. Why is that? What happened to the good toilets of old. Well, if you’re asking these […]


Toronto Upgrades to Your Household Plumbing

The very first thing being offered as an upgrade for your Toronto home is the plumbing fixtures. Bathrooms Bathroom faucets – The standard faucet offered for a bathroom in a mid level spec home is a single handle lavatory faucet in chrome. Not a lot of style, function is paramount. The counter top drilling for […]


Toronto Which Type of Garbage Disposal Is Right for Your Kitchen?

While the first garbage disposal was invented in 1927, it wasn’t offered to the general public until 1940. It wasn’t until the middle of the 1970s though, that this kitchen appliance became popular in homes across the United States. There are three basic types and each one provides the same end result. Continuous Feed Models […]

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