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The Benefits of Our Tankless Water Heaters

Having continuous running hot water in your house is vital to preserving the comfort and well-being of those who live inside. It isn’t cheap, though. Out of all of the appliances in the house, the water heater is said to be the second most expensive. Running yours constantly means that you are going to be […]


Electrical Tankless Water Heaters

Whenever we use hot water, some water loss almost always occurs. This is due to the waiting time that it takes hot water to reach the fixtures which are often located away from the hot source. Water loss also occurs because the hot water delivered must be adjusted manually to achieve the comfortable shower temperature. […]


Regular Maintenance Is Vital for Boilers

Nothing can be more frustrating than when your boiler breaks down on a cold winter day. Fortunately, noticeable changes in boiler performance precede most mechanical failures. Changes entail lower boiler performance and the emergence of new noises, smells and rising temperatures. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing the easy way out by continually resetting […]


Draining Your Water Heater: Sedimentary, My Dear Watson

The plumbing system is a vital part of your Toronto home and requires care to keep it functioning properly. The water heater is one important plumbing fixture that requires maintenance in order to keep it running efficiently. Over time, sediment and sludge can accumulate in a water tank which will make the heater less efficient and it will also […]


What Do You Do With a Broken Dip Tube?

Curved Dip Tubes The curved dip tube was invented to help keep sediment under control. The bottom end of the tube is curved to allow a swirling motion around the bottom of  your  water heater. New sediment cannot form because it is always in motion in swirling water. You may always add a curved dip […]


Tankless in Toronto

You can find a good-sized tank heater for a decent price in many places, but these inexpensive heaters may not always be the bargain they seem to be. These are typically in the 40-50 gallon range, and they will heat water so that you have that many gallons available when you need to wash dishes, […]


3 Gallon Shower. 30 Gallon Load of Laundry. (?) Gallon Water Heater


Is Your Toronto Water Heater a Time Bomb?

It’s hard to believe it, but over 19,000 water heaters are replaced every day. About 7 million heaters end up being tossed out each year in Canada alone. A large city such as Toronto may see several thousand water heaters a year disposed of. Not only are water heaters a common plumbing malfunction, but unfortunately, […]


Why Toronto Tankless Water Heaters Make Sense

Tankless water heaters are also known as instant water heaters. These units make sense for homeowners for several reasons. In vacation homes they can be very desirable.  Here are some of the main reasons why tankless water heaters make sense as opposed to the traditional water heater.   1.  Tankless water heaters conserve energy.  Traditional […]


Advantages of Using Tankless Water Heaters in Your Toronto Home

So you’re taking a shower and just when you are about to rinse the soap from your face, the water gets bone-chillingly cold! How many times has this happened to you? Running out of hot water when it is needed is a common problem with traditional water heaters, you might think that this can easily […]

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