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​Drains and the Coronavirus — Cleaning Items You Shouldn’t Flush and Why

There are many things over the past few months that have probably taken up your attention far more quickly than the local drain cleaning company in Toronto, but as the pandemic has progressed from a short lockdown to over a year-long endeavor, it’s worth thinking about the burden it’s placing on your home’s plumbing.

With COVID-19 came a wave of new things to worry about, but few people think about the damage it’s done to their toilets and drains. As people have adopted hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes, it’s normal to assume that wipes, paper towels, and other hygienic products that get marketed as “flushable” are safe to send down the pipes. However, the reality is that they can wreak havoc on your plumbing and your life.

Here’s what you should know about “flushable” cleaning items.

They’re More Durable

Wipes and paper towels are designed to be able to withstand scrubbing and other physical stress that products like toilet paper can’t, and with good reason. Sanitary products are there to help you keep your hands and home clean, both of which are a lot less sensitive than any business traditionally handled in your home’s water closet.

Since such sanitary products are more durable than toilet paper, they tend not to break down as readily when flushed, which can spell trouble for your home’s plumbing. Clogs and other obstructions can result from flushing wipes and other sanitary materials down the toilet, which can mean costly repairs and plumbing bills to keep your home running.

It Can Increase Your Utility Bill

You may think that your home’s utility bill is directly related to things you can control, but you’d be only partly correct. While you can certainly reduce the amount of water you use to help lower your water bill, the efficiency of your home’s plumbing system plays a significant role in how much you pay.

When you flush wipes and other sanitary products down the drain, the resulting clogs may not block your pipes entirely but can inhibit the flow of water such that you have to use even more water to achieve the desired result.

Your Home’s Plumbing Might Be Too Old to Handle It

As noted previously, there are various ways that flushing wipes can lead to higher bills and costly repairs, but it’s important to note that newer systems might still be able to handle the added stress that comes with flushing sanitary products down the pipes. However, if your home’s older, the pipes might have become obstructed or compromised by roots or rust, which means that a single wipe can cause pipes to become blocked or even break almost immediately.

Generally, a good rule of thumb to follow is that the older the home’s plumbing, the more costly it can be to flush any “flushable” sanitary product.

To find out more about what you shouldn’t flush down your toilet, or get a quote for blocked drain cleaning services in Toronto, call us today!

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