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4 Plumbing Myths We Should All Stop Believing

Your plumbing system is not the most glamorous aspect of your home, but it plays a necessary role that can prevent disaster. It also has its fair share of myths that seem to rival those of Odysseus and Poseidon for longevity. Also, much like the Ancient Grecian rivalry, the struggle between man and water is only increased when we attempt to fight (or fix) that which we do not understand. 

Fortunately, our team has a true understanding of plumbing systems and is committed to squashing the following plumbing myths.

Myth #1: Hot Grease is a Liquid, So It’s Safe to Pour Down the Drain

Never- we repeat – NEVER pour grease down the drain. Grease can coat the pipes, build up, and eventually catch pieces of food, hair, lint, and other debris. This process can cause a severe clog that a professional will have to come out to repair. Next time, just wipe the grease with a paper towel and throw it away! 

Myth #2: Chemical Drain Cleaner is the Best Solution for a Clog

Technically, drain cleaners are great for clearing out clogs; however, they can do too good of a job and start eating away at your pipes. Corrosion and leaks are very real possibilities for pipes that come in contact with chemical cleaners. These cleaners are also very dangerous to handle and can cause serious chemical burns if they touch your skin. 

  • A safer alternative: use a plunger or auger to remove the clog. 
  • The safest alternative: call Priority Plumbing & Drains for an affordable drain clearing service.

NOTE: If you used chemical drain cleaners, DO NOT use a plunger, as you could bring up those hazardous substances along with the clog! 

Myth #3: A Brick in the Tank Keeps Money in the Bank

If you add a solid object in your toilet tank, you will displace water, causing it to fill up with less water. This, in theory, helps cut down on water costs after a few flushes.

Many people recommend using a brick because it is heavy and in a convenient size and shape for most toilet tanks; however, bricks are made of clay which will eventually break down in the tank, causing component problems and an unattractive red coloring in your toilet bowl. They can also displace too much water, making you double up on your flushes, which actually wastes more water. We recommend just upgrading your toilet with more efficient flush settings. 

This post is only a sampling of the plumbing myths homeowners fall for all too regularly. If you are unsure of what to do when a plumbing problem arises, don’t just trust that the thing you heard is the safest solution. Instead, contact us for a professional suggestion or repair!

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