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Our staff plumber handing a routine toilte repair for a client in Toronto, ON


Running water is an essential part of your daily routine, but it doesn’t do you any good if you can’t use it. Like all home appliances, plumbing fixtures can become worn down over time. What used to be a nice burst of water from your showerhead is now a sad drizzle. A faucet handle is stiff and hard to turn. A garbage disposal that could grind small bones once upon a time doesn’t even crush fruit bits now. These issues can seem like small inconveniences at the moment, but if left neglected, they could require serious plumbing fixture repairs or replacements.

With our professional plumbing fixture repairs, you don’t have to live with broken plumbing appliances. Say goodbye to your leaking showerhead with our reliable shower repairs and say hello to a modernized bathroom with our expert toilet installations! No matter what repairs your plumbing fixtures need, we can do them! Our expert plumbers are trained to use state-of-the-art tools that will have your repairs and replacement done in no time at all. Don’t hesitate to call us for all your garbage disposal repairs, electric water heater replacements, and any other plumbing fixtures that need servicing.


Our plumbing services have been satisfying the needs of Toronto residents for years, so much so that we were recently positively appraised by the Toronto Plumbing community. Priority makes it a priority to offer you the following guarantees:



A small leak may seem insignificant, but the wasted water builds up quick! Homeowners waste about 230 gallons of water a year just by leaving a leaking faucet unrepaired. Not only that, but dripping water can stain your sink and rust your fixtures, in which case you’ll be calling your local plumbers for sink repairs and replacements as well.

Don’t let that leak drip forever. Leaky faucet repairs are a quick fix for our plumbers. Most times, we find that the issue is a corroded valve or faucet cartridge. This small sink repair can save you hundreds of dollars on your water bills each month. 

Toilet Repair

A toilet that’s not disposing of waste hygienically needs immediate toilet repairs before serious backups start occurring. Whether your toilet has a broken handle, a corroded fill valve, or a leaking gasket, ignoring this plumbing problem is not a good idea. 

If your toilet is functioning perfectly fine but needs an upgrade, our toilet installation experts have you covered! We carry a variety of toilet types and sizes that fit the current style of your bathroom. Even better, we now offer water-saving toilets that can help your home go green!

Bathtub Repair

Do you turn off your showerhead to find that water keeps dripping regardless of how far you turn the tap? Is water leaking all over the floor before you’ve even stepped out of your bathtub?

These are common bathroom problems all homeowners experience when their bathtub hasn’t been serviced in a while. Luckily, our plumbers have experience providing bathtub repairs for all these issues. From shower repairs to copper pipe repairs, we’ve done them all. We can quickly restore your shower to the serene haven it was before. 

You don’t have to let broken plumbing fixtures spoil your daily routine. With our top-tier plumbing fixture repairs, your problems will be fixed before your very eyes. Leaky faucet repair? Done. Garbage disposal repair? Done. Any plumbing fixture repair? Done! We can do it all! That’s why we’re the leading plumbers in the Toronto, ON, area. If you need to schedule a service for your plumbing issues, give us a call now!