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So why are we in business anyways?

Our Mission:

To improve the lives of our customers through the added comforts of modern day plumbing products and to protect them from the main causes of flooding.

Priority Plumbing was founded in 2001 by current President Austin Tsakopoulos. Austin, a visionary leader in the plumbing industry recognized a huge problem in the plumbing service sector in the way service calls were being managed.

Many competent plumbers who were great workers had decided to go into business for themselves. This created a huge problem in the industry as they lacked the necessary business and people skills to produce the higher standards demanded by home owners. Sure they can smell like smoke, look dirty, work sloppy, and hide mistakes on a new construction or renovation job, but this did not go well when people called them into their homes. To this day, most plumbers do not recognize the difference in the marketplace between renovation or construction plumbers, and residential service plumbers.

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How do we know this? We interview hundreds of these same plumbers every year and we hear the same stories over and over. Slowly but surely they have brought down the entire service industry by setting low standards. Most of these “independent” plumbing companies go out of business in less than 5 years and end up looking for work again, 85% to be exact. Warranties become useless and unfortunately they are quickly replaced by other plumbers who are doomed to the same sad and unprofessional fate.

Being born and raised in the plumbing industry, Austin knew how technical the trade of plumbing truly is and the major importance it plays in the health, comfort and well being of our society. Austin was tired of the low perception his entire trade was receiving due to the incompetence of a few. Austin decided it was time for a change of how the residential service sector is to be handled. Fortunately, home owners now have a better choice!

So what is the difference that you speak of?

Well, it all boils down to 3 things; Intelligence, Personality and Experience. Let’s examine each one individually;

To effectively run residential service calls, you must have high critical thinking and problem solving abilities. This is because there is no blueprint to follow, no two homes are the same and no two customers are the same. It can be especially difficult to diagnose and trouble shoot problems when a home has been renovated and the entire plumbing system has been covered up by drywall and cabinets. Although most plumbers have a good working knowledge of how a plumbing system is supposed to look like, our experience is that the way the plumbing systems actually look like are two very different things. After years of alterations, additions, renovations and change in ownerships, things are not usually the way they should be. Whether shortcuts were made by contractors looking to give the cheapest quote, Homeowners who willingly paid top dollar but did not receive quality workmanship that they paid for, or do it yourselfers performing the work, a high level of critical thinking is necessary to figure things out when things are not as they should be. This can not be taught in any plumbing school.

A positive mental attitude and a caring personality are not things we can teach our employees. We look for these traits in our candidates before selecting anyone for a position with our company. At the end of the day, we are customers too. We appreciate helpful, courteous and intelligent service whenever we are in the market to purchase a product or service just like you. Therefore we have the highest standards in recruiting and hiring in the industry. Just ask the hundreds of applicants who get rejected every year, some go on to work for many of our competitors. We want the same level of love and care that we feel towards our customers to be translated to any one of our customers at any time. Our people really do make all of the difference!

We at Priority Plumbing are highly specialized at what we do. We do not dabble in residential service. We are dedicated to being the utmost experts in our field of Residential Service Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Sewer Replacement and Radiator Heating Repair. We employ the newest technologies and best practices to ensure we stay highly efficient and ahead of the curve. We often have plumbers with 25 years of experience apply for a position with our company. They usually come in for the interview with their heads held high and are quick to show their plumbing license to us. They usually expect that we hire them on the spot because to so many other companies they have interviewed, this was all that was necessary. When we ask them the basic questions about their experience with all of the different styles and name brands of faucets and fixtures on the market today, all of the technical equipment and specialized tools that we use, I am always amazed at the utter lack of experience they have. With all do respect to these plumbers, a license is great but they are not Priority Plumbing worthy. Unless you specialize in residential service, you simply are not qualified to do it. Our customers demand more and so must we!

Still not convinced? Give us a call and experience the Priority difference for yourself. If you are not fully satisfied with our workmanship, we will make it right or you don’t pay. At Priority Plumbing, You are Our Priority!

That’s the Priority Difference!

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