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The Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

You may not spend much time down there, but your basement is just as important as any other room in your house. It is one of the most structurally connected parts of your home, and can be subject to harsh weather conditions, structural shifts and changes, and water damage.

To keep your house healthy for years to come, you should consider waterproofing your basement. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Prevents toxic mold problems. Toxic mold can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Wet, warm, and humid basements are the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. A waterproofed, dry basement will ensure healthy air quality, free of mold or fungus.
  • Brings peace of mind. A flooding basement can be the source of much anxiety and concern. With a waterproofed basement, you can travel or go on vacation free of worry from returning to a floating TV and couch.
  • Reduced humidity. Basements are notoriously humid. With a waterproofed unit, you reduce the risk of moisture getting into your floors and walls, and avoid ugly water stains and structural damage.
  • Reduces future damage costs. A leaking basement can cause a spike in your utility bill. In order to keep your air quality at a reasonable level, your HVAC system is required to work extra hard. A waterproofed basement will also prevent massive floods, which can cause irreversible damage to your home, furniture, and any other stored items in your basement.
  • Boost your home’s resale value. For new buyers, the basement is always examined with skepticism. This is where the home’s deepest, darkest secrets often lay hiding. You will have a much easier time selling your home if your basement is waterproofed. It will give new buyers confidence that your home is structurally sound and built to last.
  • Prevents structural damage. A flood or water leakage in the basement can have negative effects on the rest of your home. Problems like buckled flooring, foundational cracks, or disintegrating walls are common results of water damage. Avoid the hassle by waterproofing your basement.
  • More usable space. A damp or leaking basement may take up the same or less space as a waterproofed basement; however, it is not a pleasant environment to hang out in. With a waterproofed basement, you can increase the square-footage and living space of your home significantly.

Many people shy away from spending time in their dark, humid basements. With a waterproofed basement, the options are endless for how you can make this an appealing, cozy space for your family.

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