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Flush Up With Upflush

The upflush toilet is a great addition to any Toronto home. It is also more cost effective compared to a standard toilet in terms of the amount of flushing water it uses. When the upflush toilet is flushed, the water level will be pressured so that it rises into the treatment tank. In the treatment tank, the grinder motor cuts the feces automatically so that it becomes macerated. The rotating blades will grind the contents in 3 – 4 seconds. The finely ground feces is pumped into a standard pipe which measures 0.75 to 1 inch in diameter. After that, the tank becomes empty so that the system can be reused.
The upflush toilet is designed to solve the problem of a standard toilet. The important feature in an upflush toilet is the macerator pump and small diameter pipe. The powerful macerator contains a sharp blade which can effectively shred the feces and toilet paper so that they become liquefied in the water. Once it is mixed with water, it can easily be flushed into the upward pipe.
The quiet electric pump generates the pressure for moving the slurry upward in the pipe. The narrow pipe which measure ¾ inch in diameter solves the structural problems in most homes. The finely grinded slurry will be flushed upward through the pipe into the septic tank.


Advantages of the Upflush Toilet

Upflush toilets offer many benefits. With an upflush toilet, the location is not limited to the drainage system. For example, if you have a child with special needs, you can install the toilet beside the bed.
The macerating pump can be installed in areas such as your Toronto attic or basement. Furthermore, the unit is portable and can be moved to a different location. When you want to move the unit, you simply remove the four screws and move it to the desired location.
With Toronto home remodels, there is the problem of the lack of drain line in the location where you want to install the toilet. The upflush toilet solves this problem by simplifying the toilet installation. The installation for the upflush toilet is less time consuming because it does not require you to remove the tiles on the floor of the bathroom. Due to its versatility, upflush toilet is suitable for making temporary toilets, especially for elderly or disabled people.


Upflush toilets cost more than the standard toilet. However, the upflush toilet can be installed anywhere in your Toronto home for less. Compare with the standard toilet which will cost up to a few thousand dollars. If you have already installed the plumb lines, you will not want an upflush toilet. However, if the toilet is unplanned, the up flush design is the most economical option.
The power flush system has a higher cost than the standard system. Although power flush uses dual flush toilets to help the toilet to flush efficiently, the extra pressure is unnecessary. In addition, power flush systems cannot flush everything that the upflush system can handle.
When buying upflushing toilets, you can purchase unit that is specifically designed for your Toronto bathroom. This allows all the waters in the unit in the bathroom to be plumbed through a single pipe. If you want to add a sink or shower in the room, this unit is the best option.

Consult with your Toronto plumber if you are considering an upflush toilet for your home.

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