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Getting Caulky in Toronto

What You’ll Need

You’ll need to have these tools on hand to caulk bathroom fixtures in your Toronto home:

  • Putty or utility knife
  • Strong household cleaner
  • Clean rags
  • Chlorine beach
  • Silicone caulk or bathtub caulk
  • Scissors

Because tubs and sinks are used practically every day in your Toronto home, the caulking between the fixture and the wall often cracks or pulls loose. When this happens, water seeps into the opening and damages the joint and the surrounding wall. Use silicone caulk or bathtub caulk to make the repair. Use the following steps to recaulk kitchen and bathroom fixtures:

Step 1: Use putty knife or utility knife to remove all old caulk from joint.

Step 2: Clean joint thoroughly with strong household cleaner. If joint is mildewed, scrub it with chlorine bleach. Dry joint thoroughly with clean rag wrapped over blade of putty knife.

Step 3: Apply caulk to joint. Cut nozzle of caulk tube at an angle so opening is a little larger than open joint. If you’re caulking several joints, start with the smallest joint and work up, recutting tube nozzle as necessary for larger joints.

Step 4: Let new caulk dry for several hours.

Don’t let it get wet during drying period. Let caulk cure completely (see manufacturer’s instructions) before using fixture.

It’s always a good idea to let your professional Toronto plumber handle the initial installation of faucets and fixtures, which will ensure that they are properly caulked and sealed.

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