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How Trees Can Damage Your Property’s Plumbing System


Trees are beneficial to any property. They help to bring shade to your home, which is especially desirable during the summer when the temperatures are high. Apart from providing shade, trees improve the natural aesthetic value of your home and also help to act as wind breakers, preventing potential weather damage.

As trees grow, the roots take their hold in the soil and grow deeper towards the ground. The trees can actually benefit from the waste material found in sewer lines and other plumbing systems located underground, but in doing so can cause a lot of headaches.

How do trees and their roots affect your plumbing?

When the trees grow, so do their roots. As this happens, they can take hold of main sewer lines and cause clogs within sections of the pipe. This will lead to the waste water not flowing properly, and can cause your toilet and sinks to become backed up. When this happens, you absolutely need to contact an expert team who will perform a sewer line repair or replacement.

Our experts will unclog the sewer line using specialized tools such as a fiber optic video camera that helps to find where the blockage is located.

The roots can also lead to the cracking of the sewer lines which will cause the waste water to find its way on to the surface and flow over your lawn onto the streets. This will create a potential health hazard.

It is important to contact qualified experts to perform a sewer line repair that won’t also damage your property. Contact us today and experience our unique trenchless sewer drain repair service. 647-428-7170.

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