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Rusted Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized Steel pipes are often found in older houses and are often problematic in the long term. Most of us do not want to spend money on unnecessary repairs; some may wish to avert having to do any plumbing work until the situation gets seriously out of hand. Especially in today’s economy, one may wish to avert expensive renovations preferring to put up with the situation as is.

Old galvanized steel piping over time will start to rust on the inside and the lines going to the shower or other home fixtures will slowly accumulate rust and eventually be blocked off by it. Usually the shower head is where the rust particles start to gather. It is a good idea, whenever possible, to remove an old galvanized steel plumbing system and upgrade to a new piping system.

If you are not in the position to spend a lot of money for a big repair currently, a possible inexpensive option to try and avoid making costly plumbing repairs is to replace the current low pressure shower head with a new high-performance type. A professional should carry out this task for you, especially when you are dealing with old piping, extra care will be needed in the removal and replacement of shower heads in order to avoid breaking any pipes.

If the new head works fine that means the old one was clogged with rust particles and deposits and the new head should work well but will have to be cleaned regularly. However, if you install your new shower head and still have low water pressure, chances are your old galvanized lines going to the shower are blocked with rust and you have no option other than calling a plumber to replace some of the galvanized water lines. Remember, the motto, a stitch in time saves nine.

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