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Signs Your Drains Need Cleaning

The last thing anyone wants when they step out of a shower is to worry about how long it will take for the water to empty. Even worse, sometimes your drain seems to be so slow that there is soapy water up to your ankles before you even get a chance to relax. Similarly, in the kitchen, washing dishes can become an even greater ordeal if you are dealing with a frequently clogged drain. A slow draining sink or tub leaves residue along the sides and can cause soap scum and mildew to build up. Here are some key signs that your drains need cleaning, as well as some tips for dealing with the problem from the experts at Priority Plumbing:

Flies around the Sink
This can be an easy sign to miss, especially in the humid summer months. You might think you just leave an apple on the counter, or that they flew in through the window. However, if you are consistently seeing fruit flies around your kitchen sink drain, it might be the sign of a blockage. Even with the best strainer in place, tiny bits of food will make their way down into your kitchen pipes. But if they get stuck there, just out of view, they can begin to attract flies or even grow mold.

Strange Sounds
Have you ever heard your bath tub “gurgle” when you brush your teeth, or noticed water come back up from down the sink when a second faucet has been turned on? While all pipes lead waste water out of your home, they do connect at certain points before that. A blockage at any juncture can send excess water the wrong way and lead to a nasty surprise. If you have started to consistently notice this problem, it might be time to call in a plumber to do an inspection. If it is just hair or food causing the issues, you can usually solve it at home with a plunger. But serious blockages can lead to cracks in pipes and water damage to your home.

Unpleasant Smells
The most dramatic sign of a clogged drain is also the most serious. If your bathroom smells of sewage, this means that the very worst of your waste water is not making it past the blockage and can be lingering in your pipes, right inside your home. If you or your family notices this type of unpleasant smell, it is important for your health to act quickly. Priority Plumbing offers emergency plumbing with same day service in the Toronto Area. We have convenient appointment times to solve the problem quickly, safely, all the while respecting your busy schedule.

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