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How Do I Tell if Something is in My Drain?

From food to hair to jewellery, your drain catches a lot and clogs up easily as a result. However, forewarned is forearmed. If you can see your drain is acting up, you’ll be able to take preventative measures before calling a plumbing company.

The professionals of Priority Plumbing have listed what you should notice when using your drains:

Inside the house

If your sink, tub, toilet, or shower drain is obstructed, the water will either flow slowly into it or rise higher than the normal waterline. It’ll be a minor problem if it’s only one of the drains acting like this.  If you see several are draining differently, that means the main drain in your yard is blocked. Check the basement drains first to confirm that you have a main drain clog; the toilet is the first place you should look since it uses a direct route to the main drain. Having the wastewater return up the drain is a health risk and you should make sure no one uses the house’s plumbing system. You can always shut off the main water supply to ensure no one accidentally uses the system.

A lack of water pressure from faucets may be telling you that there’s a clog, as well as if only one utility can work properly at a time. This means there could be a clog somewhere in the house’s system that is causing an overload.

Gurgling sounds and odors are other tell-tale signs that something’s wrong. The gurgling sounds mean there is trapped air in the pipes and the odors indicate that water has leaked from a defective drain.

Some drain cleaning chemicals can compromise your home’s plumbing system by causing corrosion on the pipes and destroying the bacteria needed to break down sewage in the septic tank. Before using a chemical to clear away a clog, consult an expert plumber, so you don’t have to spend more money to repair unnecessary damage.

Outside the house

If a section of your lawn is wet and it hasn’t rained lately, it’s possible the sewer is blocked. On the other hand, it could be that tree and plant roots in your yard have grown too close to the underground piping and damaged it. In this instance, it’s important to refrain from using your home’s plumbing system to avoid any further flooding, and to call a professional plumbing company immediately.

Scheduling an annual cleaning will help reduce your chances of dealing with clogged drains.

Priority Plumbing provides award-winning service with life-time warranties, weekend and evening availabilities, in addition to same-day responses. Book an appointment today or contact us if you need more information. Our highly skilled-technicians are here to answer your questions!

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