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The Beauty of Trenchless Technology – Underground Pipe Bursting and Pipe Lining

Trenchless technology is commonly referred to as “no-dig” technology because it doesn’t require extensive excavation like regular sewer or main water line repair and replacements. However, the term “no-dig” is a little bit misleading. The truth is that very minimal digging is necessary to reach the underground pipes, but, for the most part, this won’t damage your yard’s aesthetic. What do we mean by minimal digging? Let’s take a look at how trenchless drain repair and replacements work. 

How Does Trenchless Technology Work?

Ironically, it all starts with a little bit of digging! Once the plumber determines which drain or supply line needs to be repaired or replaced, the crew will dig out two small holes, one at each end of the damaged pipe. They will be labeled as “entry” and “exit” holes. 

Then, the trenchless technology will be brought in — the new pipe is placed in the entry hole while the hydraulic unit is placed in the exit hole. What happens next depends on the service you require.

For repair services, most homeowners will opt for Cured in Place Pipes (CIPP). In this case, the new pipe is lined with resin and inserted into the existing pipe. Once the resin hardens, the two pipes are welded together and function as one. This process slightly reduces the diameter of your pipe, but it usually doesn’t affect home plumbing performance.

For replacement services, a pipe bursting is required. As the new pipe, outfitted with a bursting head, is slowly fed through the hole, the old pipe will break away and be pushed aside to make room for the new pipe. This doesn’t affect the diameter of the replacement pipe and it creates a seamless transition for your plumbing system.

Get a better understanding of how trenchless technology works by watching this short video!

Is Trenchless Technology Worth It?

One hundred percent!

Most Toronto homeowners would agree that trenchless technology offers amazing benefits over its conventional counterpart. Take a look at some of them below!

Plumbing services shouldn’t ruin your home’s landscape to be effective! Give us a call today and ask about trenchless drain repair in Toronto and the surrounding areas! 

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