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What to Do About Your Boiler This Fall

As autumn becomes more prevalent, homeowners need to start looking for companies that provide heating maintenance service in the Toronto, ON area, since the last thing they want is to have no heat in the middle of a snowstorm.

If your home comes equipped with a boiler heating system, though, the process might be a little different.

Furnaces often require regular maintenance to ensure that they don’t break down or fail long before they’re due, but boilers require significantly less maintenance to run effectively. 

Below are some things that you should know about starting up your boiler.

When Turning it On This Fall…

Boilers should never be shut off for excessively long periods, but it’s normal not to keep it running all the time in the summer when the weather is warmer. If you’re a veteran owner of a boiler heating system, then you’ve probably already turned it on a few times to make sure it didn’t seize up. If you’re new, though, then it’s important to pay attention to any sounds you notice when it starts, as well as how much water is being read by the pressure gauge.

While paying attention to these is essential, it’s also vital to bleed the radiators to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency. Doing so requires shutting the boiler down temporarily and letting the air out of the radiators around your home until water begins to leak from the connection.

Don’t Ignore the Minor Issues

Turning your radiator on can be relatively easy, but you should keep an eye out for issues that could present dangers to the system and your family. Some of these come from firing it up for the first time, but you also need to watch for signs of carbon monoxide, gas leaks, signs of cracked pipes, and other issues that seem minor. These innocuous conditions can lead to dangerous problems down the line if left unchecked.

What to Watch For

Beyond checking for signs of carbon monoxide, cracks, and other damage, you should also keep an eye out for problems like:

Problems like these could be signs that your boiler requires repair if it’s going to make it through the winter.

If you experience any one of these issues or need emergency plumbing services in Toronto, ON, then contact us!

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