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3 Plumbing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

It’s always interesting to hear what kinds of stories are told about improving a building’s plumbing efficacy. However, as any drain cleaning company in Toronto can tell you, you must pay close attention to what kinds of stories you listen to because some can be ineffective at best and downright dangerous at worst.

Here are three common plumbing myths you should take note of but disregard when it comes to your plumbing.

Hot Grease Can Be Put Down the Drain

Many people believe that cooking and animal grease can be dumped down the drain as a way of getting rid of it. Some may even contend that it’s worth running your faucet as hot as you can get it beforehand, so the grease remains liquid as it works its way through the pipes. The belief here is that doing these things won’t clog your pipes up, and your grease will be washed safely out to the local sewage treatment plant.

The reality is that grease will clog your pipes, regardless of what form you try to put through your drain. Liquid grease may not stop your pipes right away, but it will coat the pipes’ sides and create conditions where a clog can form over time. It’s always better to dispose of grease via the trash can than subjecting your plumbing to the task.

Using “Flushable” Sanitary Products

It’s not uncommon for individuals to buy “flushable” wipes and other sanitary products as a means of having a convenient option on hand. However, these items don’t break down the way toilet paper does, which means that it creates a severe risk of damaging your home’s plumbing system.

Like grease, it’s better to dispose of any sanitary products — “flushable” options included — via the trash can.

Bricks in Your Toilet

There’s a myth that’s circulated over the years that says if you place a ceramic brick in your toilet’s tank, then you’ll save money on the water bill. However, this is actually a good way of spending more money over time.

Your toilet is designed in a way so that it flushes as efficiently as it can. New designs have since been developed that allow for increased efficiency, but none of them will last as long as they’re supposed to if there’s a brick damaging the tank’s inner workings.

To find out more plumbing myths or get a quote for plumbing services in Toronto, call us today!

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