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Fixing faulty or old Mississauga plumbing in need of repair, replacement, or maintenance, should be trusted to proven experts with a track record of years of excellent Mississauga plumbing service. Time and time again, Priority Plumbing has been supplying the Mississauga community with top notch plumbing repairs. That is why we are recognized by the local plumbing community for our Missisauga plumbing efforts.

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Mississauga Plumber

Our plumbing services have been satisfying the needs of Mississauga residents for years, so much so that we were recently positively appraised by the Mississauga plumbing community. At Priority Plumbing, we make it a point to offer same day service and lifetime warranties on all installations. We provide Mississauga with uniformed, courteous and talented technicians as well as a large inventor of parts so that most jobs can be completed in a single visit.

Mississauga Water Leak Repairs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 11,000 gallons of water are wasted each year from running toilets, dripping faucets and other plumbing leaks in the home. Most of these leaks are easily fixed and could save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill. A certified plumber has the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot and fix any leaks in your home.
Your home’s water meter can be used to determine if there is a leak in your home. Check your meter, then don’t flush your toilet, run the faucet, or use any water for two hours. After this time, check the meter again. If it does not read exactly the same, you know you have a leak. Pay attention to your water bill. An unexplained increase or sudden spike in your water bill is another indication that there is a plumbing problem in your home.
While some leaks may be easy to spot, others require the expertise of a certified plumber. It is a good idea to have a plumber make routine checks on your plumbing system. Annual maintenance will ensure that any issues are found quickly before the problem gets worse.