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Celebrate World Water Day with Special Appliances and Fixtures!

The United Nations’ World Water Day—on March 22—will call attention to the importance of conserving water and keeping it clean wherever you live. We pay water bills for drinkable and usable water that’s treated and purified for our safety in cities and rural areas. The world’s water supply is finite. According to the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, the Earth has 3% of fresh water and only 0.5% of that is readily available for consumption; it is for these reasons that everyone should conserve water every day, regardless of where they are located in the world.

You can save on your water costs and help the environment with special water-efficient appliances. Priority Plumbing has several suggestions for water conservation, so Ontario can continue to be a beautiful province rich in natural resources with abundant rain and snow.


Installing a simple faucet aerator on your kitchen and bathroom sinks will save water. An aerator is a little mesh screen placed over the faucet tip, and it’s found at most hardware and home improvement stores for a few dollars. Homeowners can install an aerator themselves because it’s simple and doesn’t take up too much time.

Low-flow faucets that save about 20% of your water can also be purchased at home improvement stores. These attractive faucets are available in many styles, including the single lever models. They limit the flow to just over two gallons or 7.57 litres per minute.

Have a leaky faucet? Get it fixed as soon as you can because six drops in a minute equates to 1,200 litres of water in a year. Need a better idea? Picture seven bathtubs of water. Yes, that is quite a lot of money down the drain. For both the environment and your wallet’s sake, don’t ignore those drip, drip, drips.

People waste a lot of water when they turn on the tap for hot water. For a more efficient way to save water, opt for a hot water dispenser. The temperature can usually be adjusted, but it will always deliver hot water immediately. There are also models that have both hot and cold water for convenience.

When it comes to bath time, there’s the debate about showers being better for water conservation than baths; however, if you have a 9.5L/min shower head and you take an eight-minute shower, you will have used 76 litres of water. What you can do is, switch to a flat shower head—even for your bathroom sink—that distributes the water evenly and keep your showers as short as possible. We do want you to properly clean yourself, after all, just don’t dilly-dally!


Did you know that 30% of each person’s water consumption within a household is used to flush the toilet? Modern toilets now come with high efficiency or dual flush mechanisms that save up to 65% of water. The dual flush mechanism provides you with option of using more water for solids, allowing you to control the quantity of water used.

Many new dishwashers and washing machines come with various timing programs. It’s best to use these machines only when you have a full load of dirty dishes or laundry. To conserve the highest amount of water, set the timer for a quick wash and air dry the dishes instead. You can apply this same concept to your washing machine: use the short wash cycle for clothing whenever possible and dry your clothes on a rack to save energy.

You can also install an on-demand water heater that warms the water when you need it; this eliminates the need for a full hot water tank that is constantly heated with a gas flame or electricity.

Talk to the Experts at Priority Plumbing

Don’t forget that you can expand your water conservation to around your property by considering the installation of an irrigation system, rain barrels, and other smart devices.

As you go about your daily routine, stop a minute and remember that the average Canadian in 2016 used 329 litres of water each day, according to Global News. Consider what you can do differently in your household to save water. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

At Priority Plumbing, we specialize in plumbing, heating, and drain systems. Our experts are professional in their manner and attire and are ready to solve your household plumbing problems. Contact us today at 416-762-8662 for all of your plumbing and heating needs!

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