Water Pressure


Celebrate World Water Day with Special Appliances and Fixtures!

The United Nations’ World Water Day—on March 22—will call attention to the importance of conserving water and keeping it clean wherever you live. We pay water bills for drinkable and usable water that’s treated and purified for our safety in cities and rural areas. The world’s water supply is finite. According to the U.S. Department [...]


How to Solve Low Water Pressure

  There is probably nothing more irritating than taking a shower with low water pressure. This can be the result of many different plumbing issues, which highlights the importance of a proper diagnosis. By identifying the root cause of your low water pressure, you will be able to correct your plumbing issues more quickly and [...]


Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips

Having running water in your home requires a tremendous amount of energy. These days, environmental issues are becoming increasingly important. Not only is it important for every homeowner to do their part to protect the environment, the efficiency of eco-friendly plumbing can help you save money on utility bills and repairs. Here are a few [...]


Four Winter Plumbing Safety Tips

The winter months in Toronto can be full of surprises when it comes to the weather. Snow, freezing temperatures and ice can really wreak havoc on our lives in many different ways. In the winter, there are some things you are going to need to do in order to keep your home safe and comfortable [...]


Water Pressure: How do You Increase it in your Home?

  You have a pile of dirty dishes to wash, and as you mentally prepare yourself to get ready to clean, you turn on the sink faucet and only a few drops of water come out. It may be time to call a professional plumber to fix the water pressure inside your home. Problems with [...]


Household Water Saving Tips From Your Toronto Plumber

For most people, the idea of running out of water seems like a completely foreign concept. Unfortunately, water demand has almost tripled since the early 1950's. While a great deal of an individual country's H2O usage is based on dietary preferences and cultural norms towards H2O usage, there are still a number of things that [...]


Why You Need A House Water Softener

A house water softener can eliminate impurities and elements in water that make it hard. Water becomes hard when there is too much calcium and magnesium in it. The calcium and magnesium ions can cause water hardening which can lead to many household and plumbing problems. You water pipes can become clogged in the long [...]


Water Pressure – What Is Right For Your Toronto Home

When it comes to water pressure, what one person thinks is adequate might come across as a trickle to another. Because opinions vary widely, it is important to be able to make a determination of the adequacy of water pressure in some definitive way. That is especially true for a working home inspector. If a [...]


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