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Why Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

Have you ever stepped into the shower only to see a light dribble come from the shower head? Or scrubbed a pot from the stove only to not have enough water to wash off the suds effectively? If this sounds like experiences you have had in your home, the chances are that you have low water pressure and are probably curious why. Water pressure is one of those things that is easy to forget about when going about your everyday life. But, when the pressure gets low, you cannot help but notice what you are missing.

We at Priority Plumbing & Drains are water pressure professionals who are committed to keeping you and your family comfortable in your home and with your plumbing system. This is why we have written a list of some of the most common culprits of low water pressure. Read on to learn more:

  • Water Pipe Clogs & Corrosion

One of the most common causes of low water pressure is clogged water pipes. Galvanized steel pipes are built to last. However, they will eventually start to corrode from the inside. The corrosion will build up, slowly cutting off the water flow, thus, reducing the water pressure. 

  • Faulty Faucets & Fixtures

Another frequent culprit of low water pressure is damaged, rusted, or clogged faucets. When faucets and shower heads get old and become full of sediment and rust, water flow can become obstructed, which will limit the water pressure. 

  • Pressure Regulator Failure

If your plumbing system is equipped with a regulator and it malfunctions, there is a good chance it will affect the water pressure. The regulator is a valve that reduces the water pressure coming from the pipes to a reasonable level for domestic use. Unfortunately, when the regulator fails, you could be left with a damaging and painful upward spike, or a noticeable reduction, in water pressure. 

There are many other possible causes of low water pressure, but these are some of the most common ones. Learn more by calling Priority Plumbing & Drains today! 

What Can I Do to Increase My Water Pressure?

Low water pressure in the home can be caused by a variety of things, from manageable issues like old faucets and shower heads to more complicated problems like corroded water pipes. In most cases, homeowners can take our advice and try to find and fix the problem, but when the issues are more severe, there is no substitute for experience. With the professional plumbers at Priority Plumbing & Drains on your side, your water pressure and plumbing systems are in good hands! Call us today for more information.