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Why You Should Get a Backwater Valve Installation for Your Home

The great thing about your home’s sewer system is that it regularly removes sewage and wastewater from your house without a hitch. Although your sewer lines perform an unattractive job, the necessity of their proper function is hard to miss and deserves our gratitude each day. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not work as they should and allow sewage and excess water to surge back into your home. To avoid this unsanitary and potentially damaging situation, we at Priority Plumbing & Drains recommend having a backwater valve installed in your sewer pipe. 

What is a Backwater Valve? 

A backwater valve is a valve with a flap that you can have installed in your sewer line, which is designed to allow water and sewage to flow out of your house and not back in it. The flap, mounted beneath the cleanout, does nothing when conditions are normal. However, during times of heavy rain, the city’s sewers can become overwhelmed and push water sewage back up your pipes. When this happens, the backflow will hit the floats beneath the flap and cause it to lift and close up the valve. When the backflow subsides, gravity will allow the flap to open again to resume normal sewer pipe function. 

This small valve is one of the home’s mightiest protectors, and having one installed could be one of the best choices you will make for the comfort and safety of your home!

Reasons to Consider a Backwater Valve Installation

If the knowledge of its function was not enough of a reason to have a backwater valve installed in your sewer line, then here are a few more reasons to consider one:

  1. If your area is prone to flooding, that excess water will find any place to seep into — and that includes your sewer lines. With a backwater valve in position, that water flow will cause the flap to close and force the water to drain back out. 
  2. Sump pumps are great fixtures in any home, but they do not always operate as they are advertised. If for some reason, your sump pump’s motor fails, a backwater valve could be a great fail-safe to help prevent basement flooding.
  3. Finally, if you are living in or around Toronto, you might need a backwater valve installation to keep your home up to code with city regulations. According to The City of Toronto, most homeowners are eligible for a “subsidy of up to $3,400 per property to install flood protection devices,” including backwater valves and sump pumps.

If you are interested in having a backwater valve installation for your new construction or retrofitting one to keep your home safe from sewage and up to code, bring in the experts from Priority Plumbing & Drains! We will inspect your sewer lines, discuss your options, and get that valve installed as soon as possible. Call us today to learn more!