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Does a Sump Pump Need Maintenance?

When a storm is brewing, you’ve either prepared for it, or you run the risk of a flood. Just think, if you had a severe storm coming your way, what would you do? It would be best to quickly check over your sump pump for any issues, but if you don’t, you could be facing sump pump failure. Then, you’re looking at a flooded basement or worse since you hadn’t prioritized the maintenance requirements of a sump pump. Instead, if you stay on top of sump pump maintenance for your Toronto, ON, home, you’ll prevent any water damage to your home, keep your family safe from the storm, and be prepared for the next one. 

Keep reading to learn more about sump pump maintenance and why your sump pump needs it. 

What Maintenance is Needed? 

Given that a sump pump gathers rainwater up and away from the home, you’ll want it to be serviced in order to be ready for any inclement weather conditions. On an annual basis, this appliance should be serviced to ensure there are strong electrical connections, the battery is good to go, and the sump pump has not accumulated a lot of dirt.

Clean Out the Sump Pump & Pit

For the sump pump, one of the first areas to pay attention to is the pump itself. It’ll need some cleaning, as it commonly collects some grime and residue over time. Then, once that’s cleaned out thoroughly, the pit should be washed carefully too. A hose can get the job done well, but a professional can perform these sump pump services

Check the Power Source 

Because the sump pump relies on a power source, you’ll want to make sure it’s at a sustainable level. Some sump pumps rely on electricity, whereas others run on a battery. A few are even water-powered. With that said, make sure you know your sump pump’s power source in order to check the power. 

If your sump pump is fueled by electricity, ensure the power cords are in good condition with no immediate electrical hazards in sight. Meanwhile, if your appliance works off battery power, check to make sure the battery is charged. Otherwise, if it is not turning on, it might need to be replaced. 

Have A Professional Handle It

When it comes to handling your sump pumps, professional maintenance services often include: 

Our team can handle any of your sump pump needs, so contact us today! 

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