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Electrical Tankless Water Heaters

Whenever we use hot water, some water loss almost always occurs. This is due to the waiting time that it takes hot water to reach the fixtures which are often located away from the hot source. Water loss also occurs because the hot water delivered must be adjusted manually to achieve the comfortable shower temperature. The wait time to adjust water to the right temperature is estimated to be between 0.1-4.5 minutes with an average of 0.7 minutes needed. A lot of water can be wasted in a span of 0.7 minutes.

If you are looking to conserve water and to achieve energy efficiency you should opt for electrical water heaters. The electric tankless water heaters are installed close to the point of use which reduces waiting time for hot water to arrive to only a few seconds. This proximity to the point of use also reduces the amount of piping needed to transport hot water, also reducing the possibility of leaks resulting from old or corroded pipes.

The modern tankless electrical water heaters allow the user to set the desired water temperature. This eliminates the need to mix hot and cold water to get the right temperature or to use our finger as a thermometer to adjust the temperature. The tankless water heater will deliver hot water at the desired temperature every time.

Priority Plumbing can help you with the installation and maintenance of your tankless water heater. 647-427-8624

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