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What to Do in the Case of Frozen Pipes

We all dread the effects the harsh winter will have on our bodies and even on our homes. What every homeowner dreads more than anything else when the temperature reaches several digits below zero degrees – is for the house pipes to freeze and explode.

When water freezes and expands inside pipes, it can cause major damages that require expensive repairs. The pressure of the frozen water in the pipes will cause them to burst or, at the least, to leak at the seams. This will render a home inhabitable and no one wants to have to leave their home during such freezing weather!

Whenever a heavy freeze is expected, Priority Plumbing recommends that you leave the faucets that are connected to vulnerable pipes open slightly so water trickles continuously. Moving water is less likely to freeze than water that is still, and the trickle is visible proof that all is well.

If all precautions fail and pipes do freeze, the homeowner should leave all faucets connected to the frozen pipe open so pressure created by the ice will be lessened and water can escape when the ice starts to thaw.

Never pour hot water on frozen plumbing or thaw pipes with a torch. The hot water will only freeze on the outside of the pipe and cause it to explode. Striking pipes to try to break up the ice could also cause the pipe to crack.

In cases of frozen pipes, the best thing to do is call a professional plumber while you wait for the frozen pipes to thaw. Contact us today to learn about Priority Plumbing’s kitchen plumbing solutions and how to increase the life span of your plumbing system. 647-427-8624