Frozen Pipes


Extreme Cold Safety Tips in Toronto

Canadian winters can be cold, unpredictable, and dangerous. Pelting snow, freezing rain, hail, and ice increase the risk of slips, trips, falls, car crashes, and accidents around the home. Fortunately, the experts at Priority Plumbing can provide useful tips to ensure you and your family stay safe this winter. Here are a few ways you [...]


Tips for Thawing Frozen Water Pipes

Frozen pipes are a reality for most Canadians as temperatures dip in the winter months. If left unattended, they can burst, causing expensive and irreparable damage to your home. In some cases, exploded pipes can even cause flooding. Luckily, the experts at Priority Plumbing can provide some useful tips and tricks on how to thaw frozen pipes. [...]


Priority Plumbing Nominated for Top Choice Award in 2018

For 13 years in a row, Priority Plumbing & Drains has been awarded the Top Choice Award for Best Plumbing Services in Toronto. Priority Plumbing & Drains is proud to announce that they have been nominated again in 2018. Priority Plumbing & Drains have been dedicated to serving clients in the Toronto for over 25 [...]


How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

Now that winter is finally upon us, it’s time to start preparing your home against common winter plumbing problems. One of the most common and potentially disastrous winter plumbing problems is frozen pipes. When the water inside pipes freezes, it puts excess pressure on your pipes which can cause them to burst. When these pipes [...]


Watch Out For These Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter is upon us again, which means there’s a whole new host of plumbing problems to be aware of. Decreasing temperatures can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system, causing leakage, flooding and other forms of plumbing-related water damage. Luckily, most winter plumbing problems that you may experience in your home are easily avoidable with [...]


Beat the Freeze: 5 Fool Proof Ways to Insulate Your Pipes This Winter

Toronto plumbers find a lot of cases of frozen pipes all over Canada. It's not uncommon (especially later in the winter) that pipes freeze up and burst, posing a huge convenience and inefficiency issue. Plus, inefficient plumbing wastes energy and puts an unnecessary strain on your appliances and water heating devices. We've found that a [...]


What to Do in the Case of Frozen Pipes

We all dread the effects the harsh winter will have on our bodies and even on our homes. What every homeowner dreads more than anything else when the temperature reaches several digits below zero degrees - is for the house pipes to freeze and explode. When water freezes and expands inside pipes, it can cause [...]


Preventing Frozen Pipes During Toronto Winters

With extreme Toronto weather come extreme plumbing problems. Frozen pipes are just one of the many winter related plumbing issues that Priority Plumbing is called for on a regular basis. When pipes freeze during the winter time, the water pressure inside them builds up and causes blockages and cracks to occur. Prevention is the first [...]


Hammer Time! (Sorry MC – WATER Hammer)

Water hammer is a specific plumbing noise, not a generic name for pipe clatter. It occurs when you shut off the water suddenly and the fast-moving water rushing through the pipe is brought to a quick halt, creating a sort of shock wave and a hammering noise. Plumbing that's properly installed has air chambers, or [...]


Thawing Frozen Pipes In Your Toronto Home

If you live in a cold climate like Toronto where you experience freezing temperatures in the winter, especially temperatures below freezing, you may have experienced or one day have to deal with the problem of frozen pipes. Frozen pipes, if they should break, can cause significant water damage to your home and your property inside [...]