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How You Can Tell if Your Home’s Pipes Are Frozen

If you need help thawing out frozen pipes this winter, call a professional plumbing company that handles frozen pipe repair in Toronto, ON!

Types of Pipes Most Likely to Freeze

Pipes located in exterior walls, attics, and basements are most likely to freeze.

Water pipes usually travel along the exterior walls, making them vulnerable to subzero temperatures. Our experienced plumbers can make sure that your water pipes have adequate insulation to help protect them from Canada’s cold winter months.

Pipes running through attics and basements with little insulation also tend to freeze when the temperatures plummet. Chances are, you don’t heat these areas to the same extent as the rest of your home. That can make these pipes more vulnerable to freezing.

Signs Your Home’s Pipes Are Frozen

Water doesn’t freeze when the external temperature is above 15°C. When temperatures fall below 0°C, that’s prime weather for frozen pipes.

Frozen shower pipes or faucets won’t produce running water when you open the tap. If you have a trickle of water in the bathroom or kitchen with the faucet opened full blast, you may have frozen pipes.

If you are inspecting an exposed pipe, check for frost. Exposed pipes are often located below the sink and in basements and attics. Frost on the pipe is an early warning sign that your pipes might freeze if you don’t take immediate precautions.

When frozen water blocks your pipes, you may notice a strange smell coming from the drain or faucet. Odor cannot escape through frozen pipes, so it comes back up the drain.

Frozen pipes often make strange sounds. If the ice partially thaws and moves around, you might hear clanging and gurgling sounds. You may notice that your hot water heater groans when the water starts flowing again.

Act Now to Save Your Pipes

Frozen pipes must be thawed immediately, or they may burst, causing structural damage to your home as well as expensive repairs. If you find yourself dealing with a burst pipe, here’s what you should do while waiting for professional repairs.

Priority Plumbing & Drains only hires the most experienced technicians to work on your home. Our experts can determine the affected pipes and begin remediation right away. We provide affordable pipe thawing services and can give you tips on how to avoid this issue in the future.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for emergency services such as frozen pipes!

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