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Why You Must Hire a Professional to Clean Your Drains

Drains aren’t something that many homeowners in Toronto think of on a regular basis — unless something goes wrong, and they’re standing in a puddle or watching plumbing fixtures overflow. If you have a clogged drain — or if you can’t remember the last time your drains were camera inspected to ensure your basement doesn’t have a sewage backup , it’s time to schedule your inspection and drain cleaning services in Toronto, Ontario, from Priority Plumbing & Drains.

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Clean My Drain?

Professional clogged drain repair can save you a world of headaches. Trained plumbers understand what to look for and have access to the latest technology for plumbing, including laparoscopic cameras, which are small cameras mounted on tiny wires that are guided through your drain pipes to find the position of the clogs and their composition.

Then, once the plumbers ascertain where and what the clogs are, they’ll use techniques such as hydro jetting and manual clog removal to safely remove and flush the pipes. These techniques are a better solution to the problem than using chemical drain cleaners, which can weaken pipes, especially in older houses, and may not even remove the entire clog.

You may think that it’s as simple as renting a snake from Home Depot, but snaking old clay drains can actually damage the pipes further causing thousands of dollars of damages!

Worst Case Scenarios for Drain Cleaning

An inspection of your pipes also tells the plumber if there are other issues with your plumbing, such as discovering that a gas line has penetrated the pipes (which is a tricky and dangerous repair – NOT something for a DIY fix) or if you have broken pipes leaking into your home or lawn.

Without a professional drain cleaner, you could end up with a worst-case scenario, such as a broken gas line or one that’s stuck, and therefore your responsibility to pay for it. (See Enbridge Call before you clear guidelines). This means hiring a professional to excavate the line and you, the homeowner, having to pay for a new line. This can damage your house or lawn, and it’s an expensive mistake. Other worst-case scenarios include damaging original clay pipes, which you may not realize you have, or causing a huge mess.

Don’t Wait – Call Priority Plumbing & Drains Today!

If you have standing water in drains, if you have sinks or showers that drain slowly, or if you notice funny smells coming from your drains, then there’s probably one or more clogs in your pipes. Don’t risk your home or lawn by trying to remove clogs yourself – call the team at Priority Plumbing & Drains today!

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