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How to Help Prevent Drains from Getting Clogged

A clogged bathroom or kitchen drain is always a frustrating experience. Looking at ways to prevent these drainage problems is an excellent way to stay proactive while also saving you plenty of stress. Following a few simple tips from a drain company in Toronto can make a big difference in keeping your system free from clogs and other obstructions.

Here are a few of the top ways to help prevent your drains from getting clogged over time.

Use Hot Water

One way to limit clogs is to always run hot water after using a drain. You can also pour hot water on a weekly basis in drains with infrequent usage. Hot water plays a key role in eliminating the build-up of scum and keeping the p-trap full to limit odors from escaping into your home.

Avoid Putting Grease Down Your Drain

Many people make the simple mistake of pouring grease down the drain. However, grease can quickly build up over time and cause significant clogging problems. The safest option is to dispose of grease in a container and wait until it hardens before you scrape it into a trash can.

Use Enzyme Treatments

Another way to help reduce clogged drains is to use enzyme treatments every month. These products can play an important role in breaking down food, grime, and other debris in your drain lines to prevent clogging. Enzyme treatments are usually available at a local hardware store and are much safer than using toxic drain cleaners.

Use Baking Soda and White Vinegar

You can also stay proactive by using baking soda and white vinegar to prevent clogs in your drain. All you need to do is pour a half cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down a drain. Wait around ten minutes before pouring a bucket of hot water to finish the process.

Install a Drain Screen

An easy way to prevent clogs in your drain is to use a mesh strainer or a drain screen. These products can prevent hair and other debris from causing a drain clog. However, it’s important to clean strainers on a regular basis to eliminate odors and maximize performance.

Priority Plumbing & Drains has years of experience working with a wide range of clients while always providing top-quality services. Feel free to contact us to learn more tips for drain maintenance in Toronto!

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