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Is a Leaking Pipe a Plumbing Emergency?

Some plumbing emergencies are obvious — you’re standing in a puddle of water, or your commode is overflowing. However, sometimes homeowners may mistake a small leak as “not a big deal” or “something that can wait.” At Priority Plumbing & Drains, however, we like to say that there’s never such a thing as a “non-emergency” leak — and here’s why.

Is a Small Leak an Emergency?

If you can actually see the pipe leaking, then yes, it’s an emergency. At this point, turn off the main water line — while the leak may be in only one area, there could be other leaks that you can’t see, either underground or in the walls. It’s best to err on the side of safety and turn off the water until you can get an emergency plumber to take a look.

The reason that we always say that small leaks can be an emergency is that it may not be the only place that your home has problems. A leak under your kitchen sink that you can put a bucket under or wrap plumber’s tape around may not be the only leak in the house, and in fact, can indicate more extensive damage in your home.

What Problems Do Leaks Indicate?

If there’s a leak at the joining or seams of a pipe, especially for older homes, it can indicate that the sealant or joinings are weakening. Since pipes are generally all installed at the same time, if one seal is weak, the chances are that others in the home are beginning to weaken, as well, and may be dripping water into your walls and insulation. This, in turn, can cause mold and mildew to form and even lead to rotting of the frame of the house, which leads to structural damage.

Pipes that run in between the exterior walls and interior walls are more prone to freezing (especially in harsh Canada winters) than ones that are completely in the interior. If you have a pipe that’s springing a leak from freezing in one area, there may be other frozen pipes you haven’t noticed yet. A professional inspection can tell for sure.

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