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Fix Shower Problems Fast

During periods of extreme temperatures, nothing is more refreshing than a nice, cool shower. However, if you take too many showers in the summer, you may experience plumbing problems due to overuse or due to aging pipes. Shower problems are pretty frustrating to deal with especially when you’re busy and have a lot of other tasks to deal with. Here are a few common shower problems, signs of wear and what you can do to fix them.

Shower Pressure

Overtime, you’re likely to lose water pressure from your shower. Weak water pressure is usually the result of an old showerhead. Lime deposits can build up in your showerhead over time, making it difficult for water to flow with strong force. Many showerheads are detachable and can be cleaned to prevent lime deposits from building inside of them. If your showerhead is non-detachable or if you cleaned the inside of your showerhead and are still experiencing weak water pressure, contact a professional plumber to have the problem inspected in more detail.


Shower clogs are common, especially if your shower is being used more frequently than usual. Long hair is a big culprit of clogged shower drains, so make sure anyone in your house with long hair is extra careful while showering. Most drain clogs can be cleared by using chemical cleaners or a simple mix of baking soda and vinegar. If this doesn’t work, most hardware stores have plumber snakes that can pull out large clogs. If a regular plumber snake doesn’t do the trick, a professional plumber will have the right tools to locate and eliminate any clogs in your shower drain.

Dealing with shower issues is never a pleasant experience. Shower issues are especially unwelcome during the summer, when a cool shower is all you want after a sweaty day in the sun. If you’re experiencing weak shower pressure, clogged drains, or any other plumbing problem, our experienced and friendly technicians are here to help. Contact us at 416-762-8662 for more information on our comprehensive plumbing services.

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