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How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean and Clear

A garbage disposal is a great tool for getting rid of food product waste easily and efficiently. Home owners who have this feature installed in their sink can attest to its benefits. Without proper maintenance, however, your garbage disposal can cause serious plumbing issues and even pose a health and safety risk. Here are a few tips for keeping your garbage disposal clear, clean and safe.

What to Avoid Putting Down Your Disposal

Garbage disposals aren’t built to process all types of foods. If you put all of your food products down the drain, your garbage disposal is more likely to get clogged or break down. Keeping certain food products away from your garbage disposal will also make it easier to clean. Some things you should avoid putting down your garbage disposal include:

  • Large animal bones
  • Animal fat, grease and oil
  • Starchy foods such as potato and banana peels

If you’re not sure if your garbage disposal can handle a certain food product, consult the owner’s manual for a more detailed guide of what to avoid.

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Keeping your garbage disposal clean is the best way to prevent mildew from infesting your disposal. Cleaning your garbage disposal is an extremely easy process. Simply pour some dish soap into your disposal and let it run for a minute or two, rinsing the soap out with cold water as the disposal runs.

Make sure to use your garbage disposal regularly—many home owners invest in garbage disposals but forget to use them to dispose of food products. Regular use helps to prevent the clogs and stops the blades of your disposal from rusting, making the whole device easier to clean.

Garbage disposals are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances available. With the right maintenance and care, your garbage disposal will stay clean and fresh for many years to come. If you ever experience any issues with your garbage disposal, don’t risk putting yourself in danger trying to fix it. The professional and experienced plumbers at Priority Plumbing can get your garbage disposal working again quickly and efficiently. For more information about our emergency plumbing services, contact us today at Priority Plumbing. big natural fuck.
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