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How to Fix Common Toilet Problems

A broken toilet is more than just a nuisance—it can seriously disrupt your entire household and cost you money in wasted energy bills. Many toilet problems can be easily solved or avoided altogether. If you’re experiencing issues with your toilet, here are some helpful tips to identify and fix the issue before it causes serious aggravation.


The most common problem people experience with their toilets are clogs. To prevent clogs, make sure that you don’t overstuff your toilet before flushing. Minimize the amount of toilet paper you use, and avoid flushing down heavier materials such as feminine hygiene products and paper towel. A forced-cup plunger is the most effective for clearing toilet clogs. If a forced-cup plunger doesn’t do the trick, contact a plumber to have the clogs cleared professionally.

Toilet Won’t Flush

If your toilet won’t flush, it could be the result of a number of issues. Inspect the flush handle, the flapper valve inside of the toilet tank, and the connection chain between the two. If the flush handle is broken, it may not lift the connection chain that opens the flapper valve to send water down the drain. If the connection chain is slack or broken, it won’t be able to lift the flapper valve. If the flapper valve is broken, it may not respond to the pull of the connection chain. Once you identify the problem, a plumber can repair or replace the broken part to get your toilet working like new again.

Leaky Toilet

If your toilet refills on its own without being flushed, it could be an indication of a serious problem. Leaky toilets not only waste water; they can also cost you significantly in increased energy bills. When water leaks into the toilet bowl from the tank without being flushed, it usually indicates a small tank leak due to a broken flapper or flapper seat. A professional plumber will be able to help you identify and fix the issue as quickly as possible.

A broken toilet can completely disrupt the day-to-day functioning of your household. For fast and efficient plumbing services you can depend on, trust the experienced and professional plumbers at Priority Plumbing for all your toilet and bathroom-related emergencies.