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A gurgling drain in a home in Toronto, ON.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Gurgling Drains

Have you noticed a gurgling sound when running water at your kitchen skin or bathtub? While this sound might be easily identifiable, you might not know the reason it’s happening.

Here are five reasons why your drain is gurgling, as well as tips on how to fix a gurgling drain.

1. Partially Blocked Drain

When considering how to fix your gurgling drain, turn first to your drain lines.

If you’re hearing gurgling and noticing the water draining much slower than usual, then a partial block might be to blame. You should clean your drain using a plunger or snake to stop a complete clog in its tracks.

2. Fully Blocked Drain

Noticing water rising in your sink drains or tubs? Unfortunately, this means that a full block has occurred, and your drains can’t drain as they normally would.

If you’ve been on the lookout for clogged drain cleaning services in the Toronto area, turn to us for $99 drain cleaning near you.

Drain clogs can be caused by:

  • Hair
  • Dirt
  • Soap residue
  • Toilet paper
  • Grease buildup
  • And more!

3. Clogged Sewer Line

If you hear the gurgling noise while using the bathtub, bathroom, or kitchen sink, then the clog could be in your main sewer line. Your sewer line carries wastewater from your home’s drains to the main sewer line.

Sewer lines can become jammed by tree roots, broken pipes, and bathroom products, which affects the drain system in your home.

There are a number of ways to unclog a sewer line, but they are best left to the pros.

One method involves turning off the water at the main water supply. We will locate your sewer cleanout line in either your basement, yard, or on your roof. Then, we will remove the cleanout line’s cap to release the pressure in the sewer line. This will force any water that has backed up into your home to drain.

Afterward, we’ll get to work on identifying the issue behind the clog and speaking with you about possible solutions.

4. Blocked Vent Pipe

Plumbing vent pipes are thin protrusions typically found near your kitchen or bathroom. Since these pipes tend to be open-ended, all kinds of debris can clog them up.

If a vent pipe is blocked, the air and gasses trapped in the pipe will produce a foul-smelling odor. You can unclog a vent pipe with a garden hose or plumbing snake.

If you’re unsure if your vent system is clogged, you can check by:

  • Listening for gurgling sounds
  • Identifying bad odors near the drain
  • Watching how fast the water drains

5. Damaged P-Trap

P-Traps, or drain traps, create a water seal that prevents sewer gas from rising out of your drains. These traps are pieces of curved pipe beneath your sink that protect your home from unwanted sewer gas odors.

If you can smell this sewage, then your P-Trap is most likely damaged.

We can use the same material as your old P-Trap when replacing it, or you can choose a new material such as white PVC pipe, black ABS plastic, or metals such as brass and copper.

When Should You Call a Professional Plumber?

Sometimes gurgling sounds can indicate that larger plumbing problems are at hand. Now that you know why your drain is gurgling, calling a professional plumber is the next step in solving the issue. They’ll know how to fix your gurgling drain as soon as possible.

To find out more about why your drain is gurgling or to get a quote for drain repair in the Vaughan area of Toronto, ON, call us today!

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