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HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips


Your HVAC system is the silent support to your home. It keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Popularized as an efficient solution to all of your home’s temperature needs, HVAC systems require less maintenance when compared to their heating and cooling counterparts.

That being said, it’s still important to conduct regular maintenance for your HVAC so as to avoid costly repairs in the future. According the experts at Priority Plumbing, here are the top things you should do to maintain your HVAC system in the summer:

Change the Filter

The filter in your HVAC system collects dust and debris as the air from outside circulates in your home. A filter that is not cleaned on a regular basis can reduce energy efficiency but up to 15%. Your filter should be cleaned every month to prevent damage to the system due to dirt building up inside. If you have temporary filters, just insert the new filter and dispose of the existing one. Some HVAC systems have reusable filters that just require you to wash it monthly. One way to remember cleaning your HVAC is to do it on the same day of every month.

Clean-Up the Outside Area

As the sun starts to shine and temperatures rise, weeds and other debris will accumulate around the exterior of your HVAC unit. When leaves and other debris start to accumulate, they become a hazard for your HVAC and risk causing problems for the system. To prevent this, remove all the vegetation around the outdoor unit that’s in a two-foot radius.

Check Your Windows and Doors

If you’ve cleaned your air filter and perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system but still feel as though the machine isn’t working at its full capacity, it might not be the system at fault. Make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent the cold air from escaping. Sometimes, large, open spaces are difficult to keep cool in the event of extremely warm weather. Try closing your windows and blinds to prevent excess sunlight warming up your space.

Regular Maintenance

To prevent more serious issues from arising, it’s a good idea to get regular maintenance completed on your HVAC system. A certified technician will check your unit for any inefficiencies and directly address the heating and cooling issues you may have. It’s a wise idea to have this maintenance completed at the change of seasons where you will also switch the settings from heating to cooling or vice versa.

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