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Keep Your Dishwasher in Working Order

Your dishwasher will work more efficiently and have an increased useful service life if you perform the following simple routine maintenance:

– Usually all that’s needed to keep your dishwasher in good working order is to keep its door gasket and spray arms clean.
– While the door gasket may appear clean where it is plainly visible, there’s a good chance its bottom section is covered with slimy dirt that can cause the door to leak. Use a strong, nonabrasive household cleaner to remove the dirt from the gasket and door panel.
– You might also lift the water level float from the base of the cabinet to check for dirt. If the float gets too dirty, it can stick in place, throwing the water level out of whack.
– While you’re at it, check the openings in the spray arms for small shreds of plastic. Remove these shreds with a pair of tweezers.

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