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Priority Plumbing Knows How to Do Drain Cleaning Jobs Right

Most drain problems stem from a lack of drain maintenance. If the drains are not being annually serviced and cleaned, they will get clogged up due to an accumulation of food, grease, soap, scum, hair and a combination of other things.

Too often, people choose to ignore their drains until something goes wrong. When you neglect to carry out drain maintenance, your home pipes will accumulate buildup which will eventually cause serious damage such as flooding and backflow.

As with many areas of home repair, preventative maintenance is the most effective strategy that could save you a whole lot of headaches. Before problems with clogging become too much to handle, homeowners should know how to address clogging problems while they are still minor inconveniences.

Here are a few simple methods for homeowners to avoid having problems with their drains:

• Avoid pouring grease and chemicals down your sink, as they tend to solidify and clog your pipes.
• Use drain screens to block unwanted particles from getting caught in the drain.
• Clean the stoppers on a regular basis.
• Do not pour certain foods down the drain, even if there’s a garbage disposal unit. Fruit and vegetable peelings can cause a mess that will back up your drains and block water from flowing freely down the pipes.

At Priority Plumbing we are experts at maintaining the quality and functionality of pipes, making sure that they are in excellent working order. At the first sign of slow draining you should give us a call. 647-427-8624