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Installing a Sump Pump Prevents Water Flooding and Backflow

A sump pump is a vital part of any drainage system and an important line of defense against water flooding.  The sump pump is usually installed in a hole or pit at the lowest point of a basement. When there is a backflow, or if water begins to fill up the pit, the sump pump will activate and push the water out and away from a home.

The sump pump should be annually serviced to make sure it is in good condition and to reduce the possibility of it malfunctioning or clogging in the future. During our maintenance visit, our plumbing specialist will test and clean your sump pump and ensure that all components of the sump pump are working properly.

Below are some of the steps our plumbing technician will take to ensure that your sump pump remains in good condition for many years to come:

–          The float switch will be checked to ensure that it is not tangled or jammed into one position and to ensure that it is functioning properly.

–          The intake valve and sump liner will be cleaned from any sediment that may be present. The intake valve is the one that prevents water from flowing back down the discharge pipe after it has been pumped out.

–          The battery of the sump pump will be tested to see if it still holds enough battery charge and replaced if needed. All relatively new sump pumps should have a reserve battery in case of power outage.

–          The discharge line will be checked to ensure that water is freely moving through.

–          The alarm will be checked to ensure that it functions (certain types of sump pumps have alarms that sound with the device is activated).

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