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How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Reality has been greatly influenced by fiction, particularly futuristic technology. Humans are always looking to simplify life, creating machines that handle everyday tasks, including the dishwasher, the washer and dryer, as well as the garbage disposal.

Large families greatly benefit from the presence of a garbage disposal in the household, keeping in mind the safety precautions and the appropriate ways to use it. One of the specialties of the Priority Plumbing experts is understanding how garbage disposals work because they are positioned in the sink, one of several aquatic locations in the home.

Courtesy of Priority Plumbing, here is how to take care of your garbage disposal:

Proper Use

When you put food into your garbage disposal, it’s important to use a strong flow of cold water, so once the disposal has ground up the food, it will flow toward the sewer without causing pipe clogs. The best way to use a garbage disposal is to put small items into it, such as:

  • a selection of vegetable scraps
  • small chicken and fish bones
  • crumbs
  • eggshells
  • coffee grounds

A garbage disposal prevents drain clogs and grinds up certain foods, which reduces the trash load in landfills. Some disposals can break up small bones so you’re less likely to encounter punctures in your garbage bag that would cause a mess. Some disposals can also handle grease, but it’s imperative to run cold water so the grease can harden and not clog the disposal or drain. With fewer clogs, you will save time as well as money, and you won’t be as stressed.

Having a garbage disposal is more beneficial if you can also compost because the bigger items that a disposal can’t handle will be repurposed, while still reducing landfill waste. These bigger items include:

  • vegetable and fruit skins—although putting small pieces of lemon peel in your disposal can produce a fresh scent
  • large bones
  • pasta and rice
  • coffee beans
  • recyclable material (plastic, metal, etc.)


It’s essential that all individuals in the household are aware of how the garbage disposal works and how to be safe around it. This includes:

  • keeping your hands out of the disposal
  • firmly gripping utensils so they don’t fall into the disposal
  • preventing small plastic objects, like bottle caps, from entering the disposal
  • avoiding the use of hot water while putting food into the disposal
  • refraining from using chemical drain cleaners in the disposal

Tip: Always consult your user’s manual for the specifications of your garbage disposal. Some models are continuous-feed while others are batch-feed, which means they work differently and accept a slight variation of the foods listed above.

Installation and Repair

When you need repairs done on your garbage disposal or want to integrate it into your household, the Priority Plumbing experts provide same-day service, with a large inventory of parts so we only need to make one visit to your home. We cover a myriad of neighbourhoods in Ontario, so contact us today at 416-762-8662 or fill out our online booking request!

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