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Why You Should Never Snake a Main Drain

A drain snake is a flexible steel coil with a cross handle that is used to dislodge difficult drain clogs when a plunger doesn’t solve the problem. They come in a variety of models—from handheld to motorized—to handle every drain size.  The professionals at Priority Plumbing are here to explain the risks involved when using a snake to clear a blocked main drain.

New Regulations in Toronto for Clearing Blocked Sewer Drains

New regulations prohibit the use of rotary or mechanical drain cleaning equipment (snake/rooter) in Toronto without an inspection of the drain first. The penetration of Toronto sewer lines by Enbridge gas lines has created a serious and potentially deadly safety hazard in Toronto homes. Unfortunately, most plumbing companies do not follow the proper safety procedures. Austin Tsakopoulos, president of Priority Plumbing & Drains, recently attended an industry event and was shocked that not one other plumbing company had heard of these important safety regulations that have been in effect for almost two years!

Safely Clear Blocked Sewers

Natural gas lines installed using trenchless practices by Enbridge Gas Distribution may have inadvertently penetrated your sewer service line. Unless the natural gas line is damaged, it does not pose an immediate safety risk; however, the serious risk of damaging a natural gas line could arise when attempting to clear a blocked sewer service line. Always have a professional inspect and clear your sewer service line.

Damage to Natural Gas Lines

Natural gas is a fossil fuel that burns cleanly. It is mainly composed of methane and is naturally odourless. Enbridge adds Mercaptan to help people recognize a gas leak. This substance makes natural gas smell like rotten eggs.

Home renovations and unsafe digging practices can lead to damaging natural gas lines. Ontario regulations dictate that natural gas lines must be located prior to any digging.

Signs that a natural gas line has been damaged during the clearing of a sewer service line could include:

  • bubbling water
  • hissing sounds
  • natural gas smell (rotten eggs)
  • blowing dirt

Damage to a natural gas line can result in a gas leak, fire or explosion.

Your Best Solution

Don’t trust your home to just any plumber. Your family’s safety is at stake. Call Priority Plumbing & Drains to have your backed-up main drain cleared for only $99! We follow procedures approved by the City of Toronto, and we’ll fix your drain problems quickly, affordably, and most of all, safely. At Priority Plumbing & Drains, you can always depend on receiving fast, clean, and professional service.

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