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Old Greywater, Keep on Rolling!

Are you tired of costly septic system maintenance?

Are you looking for ways to economize your Toronto household budget, better protect the environment and reduce septic system load? A greywater system is your answer. This is cutting-edge technology designed to safely recycle water from inside your Toronto home for reuse outside the home, taking pressure off septic systems. Read on to learn how greywater saves you money and water.

No more worrying about the need to increase or replace stressed septic systems. No more burnt landscaping because of drought-inspired water restrictions. Greywater is simple-to-use and provides ample water to keep the garden thriving and the maintenance man away.

How does it work?

Simple – the greywater system is easily installed by your licensed Toronto plumber. The small, inoffensive unit resembles a recycling container and recycles the water from your washing machine, bath and shower for outdoor irrigation use. The unit serves as a filtration system and does not store any water, so its capacity is unlimited.

How do I save money?

Easy. Every time you do a load of laundry, you’re also irrigating your garden. Plus, you cut the amount of water being deposited into septic systems: greywater will reduce the amount in half during the spring and summer months.
A family of four can reduce their water consumption by up to 40,000 gallons annually while protecting their septic systems. Greywater is used by many families to complement their septic systems. With greywater, you have the benefits of a larger septic without the cost. You can easily find affordable greywater systems.

Seems Like a Good Deal. What about maintenance?

Minimal maintenance of most greywater systems is required. Generally, greywater filters need to be cleaned every six months … a short, simple task. Some systems require maintenance every two months.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Greywater is defined as water from showers, baths and washing machines. The greywater system filters out lint and debris. Soap levels are retained in the greywater as they add nutrients to the soil. All that is needed to safely reuse the recycled greywater from your washing machine is to switch to a detergent with low or no phosphorus. That’s it. Black water, which originates from kitchen sinks, dishwashers and toilets, is never used with the greywater system.


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