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Pink Sink? Rust-Stained Clothes? Iron Out the Problem

Did you know that iron is not dangerous to your health? However, I am sure you are tired of the effects of this mineral and desperately want to remove iron from water that supplies your Toronto home.

Are you tired of those nasty red stains in your sink and toilet? Does the thought of doing a laundry load of whites make you cringe because you know you’ll never see them white again? Iron in your water is a problem for many people especially those who live in rural areas dealing with well water.

First of all let’s talk about the myth that you need iron in your water for your body’s sake. This is not the same iron you get in food or in vitamin pills. This is insoluble iron and cannot be assimilated correctly into your bodies. This iron just causes problems. It clogs your pipes. It ruins your laundry, and it makes rings around your pretty white porcelain sinks, toilets and appliances.

This article will briefly explain what type of water purifier filter you will need depending on the type of iron you have your water supply and where the contamination is coming from.

Choosing the best iron filter is very important for the efficiency of the system. The wrong type of filter along with being installed in the wrong position will make it largely ineffective.  This is good reason to have your professional Toronto plumber handle the installation.

You need to have your water tested to determine the type of iron in your water supply and also to find out if there are any other minerals and chemicals that might be adding to the poor quality of the water supply. Your Toronto plumber will be able to do this kind of test for you.

Along with the testing, the source of iron contamination should be found out. Is the high content of this mineral due to iron build up in the pipes supplying your Toronto home or is it from your well water supply?

If you find that it is coming from the pipes, then you will need to install a whole house water filtration system to protect your whole plumbing system. This will prevent iron in the bathtub, shower, washing machine, toilet and drinking water. If on the other hand you discover that the contamination is coming from the well water supply you could consider the option of digging a new or deeper well. That is often a cheaper option than maintaining an iron water filter for many years.

Of course the choice of whole house water purification will depend on the above results, and your Toronto plumber will be able to advise on the best water filter system to install. But in the case that you are doing this on your own, and want to research prior to getting advice, here are the treatment options you will have:

  1. Manganese Greensand Filters – To remove dissolved ferris iron, by changing it into the solid ferric iron form.
  2. Whole House Iron Filter System – To remove iron as well as manganese and hydrogen sulphide or that rotten egg smell.
  3. Pre sediment filter added to a whole house iron filtration system. This might help to extend the life of your iron filter cartridge and stop possible clogging of the filter.

The maintenance costs of each of the above will vary according to the pH of the water, the flow rate, how often you use the water, and the concentrations of either iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide in the water.

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