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Quick and Easy Plumbing Tips from the Professionals

OK, so you think that you’re handy around the house and want to get your hands dirty. You go grab yourself a tool or two, get some cleaner, roll up your sleeves and get down on the ground to start fixing away. Then it hits you – you don’t know anything about plumbing maintenance. Don’t worry, we’ve got some great things you can do to help yourself out around the house with little to no training. Everything else you will have to leave to the pros, though. Here are the best plumbing maintenance tips to get you started:

A quick look goes a long way

Even with all of the new technology that we have and all of the new tools and techniques, it still all starts with the eye test. You could do yourself a whole lot of good by just walking around to all of your appliances and water connections like faucets, drains, and pipes to see if everything is in working order. If you see leaks, then get on the phone immediately. Catching problems before they get worse is one of the best things that you could do.

Clean your drains

If you start getting build up, it can lead to bad odours and plumbing problems. That’s why you should stay on top of things and routinely clean your drains. We recommend every few weeks. You can use hot water and baking soda or any kind of commercial cleaner. The more work you put in, the better their health is going to be.

Use a plunger in your kitchen

You might think that plungers are only for the bathroom; however, using them in the kitchen can be a magical fix. If your kitchen sink gets plugged up with debris, you can use a plunger to help get it loose. If it starts filling up with water, just put the plunger over the drain and start pressing up and down as hard as you can until you knock it loose. Remember that this is only a quick fix, though, and that you should call professional plumbers to take care of the drain issues that are causing the clogs.

Plumbing isn’t easy. That’s why we dedicate our whole lives to doing it. These are some of the best plumbing tips for you to know, and they could really go a long way in helping you keep your home’s pipes in good shape. Remember to schedule regular inspections, and always call the professionals at Priority Plumbing when you suspect something is a little out of your league!