Priority Plumbing

Time to Check the Plumbing

If you recently became a homeowner, it is advisable that you to hire a certified plumber to assess the overall status of your new home’s plumbing system. A certified plumber should be able to answer several pertinent questions about the plumbing systems design and status.

To ensure the integrity of their home, homeowners must understand how the plumbing lines are designed and laid out. Most plumbing systems have lines for wastewater, sewage, fresh water, and recycled water. If these systems are properly designed, they should include backflow devices, air gaps, steam traps and sample ports.

Every homeowner should have a plumbing diagram that clearly delineates the direction of flow, type of line, location of backflow devices and absence of cross-connections between lines. Whenever changes, upgrades and maintenance jobs are made to any system, the diagram must be revised and then dated and signed by the plumber to indicate that the diagram is accurate.

The professional plumber will also check the overall functionality of the system and help you determine whether maintenance or changes are necessary.

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