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Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Cleaning

Spring season marks the beginning of the home cleaning process. One area homeowners often forget to include on their cleaning list is the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal may start to smell when food debris starts to build up. The problem will start as a lingering odor and if not properly dealt with it can turn into an overpowering stench.

Many people simply throw garbage down into a disposal, turn it on while some water is running through it and then quickly turn the disposal off as well as the water. To properly run a garbage disposal, put the garbage in it and grind it up while a strong stream of water runs from the faucet. Once you have finished grinding the garbage, shut off the disposal, place the stopper in the large hole at the bottom of the sink and fill the sink with water.

As the water fills the sink, add a generous squirt of liquid dish soap. Once the sink 2/3 filled with water, remove the stopper and allow the soapy water to run through the garbage disposal and wash the blades thoroughly.

Of course, the best way to ensure an odor-free and grease-free kitchen sink is to prevent the stench and buildup before it begins. You can do this by not putting the following material into the garbage disposal:

– Bones of any kind
– Shells from shellfish
– Fruit pits
– Asparagus
– Celery
– Artichokes
– Corn silk or husks
– Grease of any kind — this will quickly clog the sink
– Caustic drain cleaners should not be used in a garbage disposal

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