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Drain pipes age somewhat over time and tend to clog regularly. The clogs are due to a natural buildup of a gooey material called bio-film. Bio-film slowly builds up over time from bacteria acting on food particles, soaps, conditioners, body oils, toothpaste and so on. The black gunk is very sticky and if not removed regularly it will gradually harden like creosote in a chimney.

Ten years is a typical time when the buildup often begins to cause problems for homeowners.
Bathtubs are usually one of the worst drains for this problem. Long hairs tend to get stuck in the bio-film and form a tough, solid blockage. Bathtub drains often have a fairly long, nearly horizontal drain running under the tub. The water velocity is slow through this area, creating a faster buildup.

Bio-clean is our product of choice when it comes to tackling drain blockage because it is safe, effective and non-polluting. The natural agent is composed of enzymes and other natural components. The bio-clean enzymes become activated as soon as they are in contact with water. They start to digest the waste that has accumulated in your pipes and slowly break it down into smaller water soluble components that can be easily washed away.

Unlike other chemicals, bio-clean does not create a violent chemical reaction – it is not poisonous and no fumes are emitted. Bio-clean does not attack live tissue or inorganic material; it only targets organic wastes like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton and sewage.

Once we have introduced bio-clean to a plumbing system, we advise that the client use it periodically to keep the system flowing smoothly. Contact us today to learn about Priority Plumbing’s bio-cleaning solutions. 647-427-8624