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P-trap Plumbing

The P-trap is the curved pipe found beneath or within every plumbing fixture in your home (sinks, toilet, tub, shower, etc.). The P-trap acts as a water door, preventing unpleasant sewer gases from backing up into the home. By virtue of its shape, it also happens to be the location where most drainage clogs occur.

When other methods to unclog the sink drain do not work, the p-trap should be dismantled. A small plastic bucket, a rag, a large pair of pliers or channel locks and a portable light are needed to complete the process. Before beginning, it helps to remove all of the junk under the sink so that you have ample room to work.

How to Dismantle a P-trap:

• Position the plastic bucket directly under the trap.
• Using the pliers, remove the two coupling nuts, which attach the trap to the sink and to the wall.
• Once removed, inspect and clean the interior of the trap with a large nylon bottle brush and remove any blockage or sediment buildup.
• Finally, reassemble the trap, being certain that the washers aren’t twisted while tightening the coupling nuts hand-tight. If the drain leaks it will usually be around a coupling nut.

When it comes to complicated procedures such as dismantling a p-trap, it is best that you leave it to the professionals. If you are not the DIY sort of person, you may cause more damage to your sink and drain system if you tackle the problem on your own.

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