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Faucet Repair

When a faucet starts to drip, the problem is usually due to a worn seal or component. Fortunately, these parts are readily available and replacing them is simple, costing a homeowner around a few dollars to replace.

The best time to plan for a faucet repair is before you buy the faucet fixture. Before making any purchase, make sure to check out the reviews of the brand you have in mind. It is best to choose a brand that has a reputation for having readily available and affordable service parts. After you select a faucet, we encourage you to keep the instruction manual that contains the parts list for future reference.

Newly purchased faucets with a warranty usually offer different repair kits that contain the parts needed to fix the faucet. A complete kit should include a new cam, cam washer, two valve seats, seat springs and an instruction sheet showing the correct replacement procedures. Depending upon the faucet, the kit may also include a small tool to help remove an adjusting ring in the cap (not present in all faucets).

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