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Tips on Preventing Blocked Drains

Have you ever experienced a blocked drain? There is nothing more frustrating, and it always seems to happen at the worst time! Thankfully, most plumbing issues caused by blocked drains can be easily prevented if you make some simple changes.

According to the experts at Priority Plumbing, here are the top tips on preventing blocked drains:

Don’t Dump Grease

We are all guilty of doing it, but dumping cooking grease down your drain can have more negative effects than you think. Cooking grease can include anything from common cooking oils such as olive oil and coconut oil, to butter and shortening. When cooking, grease is warm, it is in a highly liquid form that becomes harder as it cools, and eventually settles in deposits that form in your pipes. These deposits become bigger and can eventually lead to an unwanted clog. Prevent this from happening by using a container to dump all of your cooking grease and dispose of the container when it is full.

Install Drain Catchers

Installing a simple drain catcher can make a huge difference in preventing blockages. These catchers come in many varieties, but Priority Plumbing recommends using a fine mesh screen. The finer the mesh, the more the drain catcher will be able to prevent from going down the drain. This way, you will be able to prevent hair, food, and other unwanted gunk from accidentally slipping down your pipes.

Hot Water Flushing

As another preventative measure, you can flush hot water down your drains approximately once a month to clear any build-up that has already happened. The hot water helps to break down grease and gunk that may have already formed deposits in your pipes. Just make sure to use hot water instead or boiling water, because boiling water can cause accidental cracks in ceramic surfaces.

Use a Bacteriological Drain Cleaner

Using a bacteriological drain cleaner can help if you are already experiencing some drainage issues. Unlike common chemical cleaners, bacterial cleaners use enzymes that naturally feed on the organic waste found in drains. These bacterial cleaners are better for the environment because they don’t use any harsh chemicals that can harm soil and water quality. Just remember that when using a bacterial cleaner, it may take several hours for the clog to clear, as it takes time for the enzymes to get rid of the organic matter.

Install a Lint Catcher

Your washing machine may be causing bigger drainage issues than you realize. Install a lint catcher and prevent materials that aren’t supposed to from going down the drain so that pesky tissues, pet hair, and items left in pockets will no longer be the source of your drainage problems. Just remember to clean the filter once every three months for optimal results.
Take care of your drains by making some easy changes that will prevent pesky clogs. Reach out and speak to Toronto’s award-winning plumbing experts today by visiting our website, or give us a call at 416-762-8662.

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