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Toronto Plumber Reveals New Drain Cleaning Solution

TORONTO PLUMBEREverybody knows, or can well imagine, how much inconvenience a blocked sewer line can cause on their Toronto home and finding the right Toronto plumber to solve the problem even more difficult. Sewers are the silent carriers of all the waste and filth that mankind produces on a daily basis. Sewers form the backbone of any urban drainage system, starting from our homes, running across the city and finally ending in the dumping point.

The inherent problem with sewer lines is that they can get blocked. Reckless dumping of waste matters into the sewers, along with intrusion of tree roots, result in sewer lines often getting blocked. When such a situation arises, expect trouble! The flow of waste matters will become slower, and in some cases, may be hindered to such an extent that they might flow back into our homes.

Priority Plumbing’s premier Drain Preventive Maintenance Program ensures that you will never need to worry about a clogged or blocked drain again. After our video inspection of your sewer drains, our drainage professionals clean and maintain your sewer lines using a combination of water jet technology and herbicides to eliminate tree roots and prevent any further structural damage of the sewer pipe to your Toronto home.

Roots are killed and potential blockages are avoided. Only roots within the pipe and a very short distance outside the pipe are affected. Trees and shrubs immediately above ground are not harmed.

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