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Water Heater Inspection and Maintenance

A water heater is a closed vessel that heats water by the combustion of fuels, electricity or other sources. Water heaters are commonly used to supply hot water in residential and commercial buildings. After the water is heated it may or may not be withdrawn for external use.

With the great strides and advances in technology, today’s water heaters are designed for long life expectancy, the following regular inspections and maintenance tips are recommended for efficient operation:

  • The water heater should be annually cleaned.
  • The unit should be kept free from dust and debris, especially in and around the burner.
  • Conduct Visual checks of the main burner flames. The burner should flame evenly over the entire surface with a clear, blue and stable flame.
  • The vent system should be checked annually for blockage or deterioration.
  • The fan and electric motor should be kept free from dust and dirt, and cleaned annually.
  • Test the safety relief valve once every six months and make sure it is not leaking.
  • The thermostat controls and devices necessary to prevent scorching water temperatures should be functioning and checked on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a Toronto water heater repair and installation contractor please call Priority Heating today at 416-800-3008 or complete our online request form.


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